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Web 3.0 Finance.

Shaping the Future
of Crypto Finance



Our Story

Delio develops technologies for crypto-currency finance based on blockchain and provides various crypto-currency finance platforms and services. Delio is a Web 3.0 company and a leading provider of crypto financial services.

Who We Are

Delio is the only one financial company in South Korea provides a full range of digital asset value chain such as wallet, earn, lending, staking, and asset management services. 

​Delio is a digital asset financial company that holds a Virtual Asset Service Provider (VASP) license in South Korea and currently provides vault, deposit, lending, staking, and asset management services for digital assets. 

In particular, digital asset management is one of Delio's core businesses, providing specialized digital asset management services for institutional and individual investors. 

Our Vision

Delio is growing as a Web 3.0 digital asset financial company and will grow into a company that provides professional digital asset investment and management services.


Global financial companies are actively investing in Web 3.0 finance, and Web 3.0 is growing rapidly. Delio will provide digital financial services for the Web3.0 era. DeFi is continuously expanding and DeFi 2.0 is expected to lead the market. Delio will provide high-performance futures/options, on-exchange structured products, foreign exchange, and OTC derivatives services.


Delio will also provide aggregated services to bring together decentralized digital asset liquidity, serving as a bridge between centralized and decentralized financial services of digital assets.

About Us




Crypto Finance

Delio has been providing specialized crypto-currency financial services in the United States, South Korea, and British Virgin Islands since 2018. Delio provides related platform services on web and mobile, and has obtained VASP, MSB, and other licenses in these countries. 

Asset Management

Delio provides digital asset management services for institutions and individuals. We implement efficient asset allocation strategies based on market conditions. We develop and operate automated trading bots based on quantitative market analysis and the long/short directional trading strategies of experienced professionals from managers, securities firms, and IBs. 

What We Offer

Direct Investment

Delio invests directly in digital assets. We also invest in outstanding global projects that can advance the digital asset financial ecosystem. Projects with good token-economy are not common, and we carefully select and invest in them. 

Web3 Solutions

Delio develops and operates its own blockchain-based financial solutions. In the web3.0 financial ecosystem, many solutions are needed, but there are not many companies with experience and technology. Delio develops services the necessary technology based on its experience in digital asset management. 

Crypto Insights

Delio conducts analytics on digital asset financial markets. We analyze which digital assets are suitable for investment and formulate investment strategies. We also identify forward-looking digital asset finance project ecosystems through market analysis and publish insightful reports. 



Deep Industry Knowledge

Delio has been designing our own differentiated digital asset financial services and providing online web/mobile services since the beginning of the crypto-currency market. We have more knowledge and know-how of the digital asset financial market than any other global company. We understand customers who invest in digital assets and we know what services they want. This knowledge and know-how of digital assets and markets is Delio's outstanding competitive advantage. 

Years of Experience

Delio is one of the most experienced global companies in digital asset financial services. Delio was the first company to provide crypto-currency lending, deposit and management services in South Korea and has a dominant market share. It was also the first company to obtain relevant licenses in the field. Its leading and overwhelming experience in investing, managing, and operating services for digital assets makes Delio a unique company. 

Differentiated Technology

As web3.0 digital asset finance niche market is a new and blueocean market, so that it is essential to be self-developed and operated by itself in order to deal with digital asset management. Delio has developed and patented all the technologies required to provide digital asset financial services to its customers. The ability to design and implement digital asset financial systems is one of Delio's unique advantages.

Why Us



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26, Samseong-ro 85-gil, Gangnam-gu,

Seoul, South Korea

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